Desiigner and Pusha T just collaborated on "Circles," but now the G.O.O.D. Music president and artist have gotten together for a special sit down in Interview Magazine.

Pusha kicks things off by pressing Desiigner on his influences since he hears so many types of music in his work. "If anything, I would consider my grandfather, revealed Desiigner. "He's a blues player. I like the old soul—you know how it is, Pusha, that old soul. My grandfather, he went by the name Sidney 'Guitar Crusher' Selby; he formed that old soul, that old blues, that old rock that I put on my songs. He bluesed it out. And my pops, he was old-school, too; he played that old funk. I fell in love with that old style."

His family line isn't the only place the rapper draws inspiration. According to him, he's been singing since he was young. "I used to sing to the girls, 'Happy Birthday' and all that. Did the Temptations. I always knew how to play around with my voice, make people laugh. I'd be crazy. Just my swag I guess. God blessed me."

The two also cover ground on Desiigner's smash "Panda" that got him noticed by Kanye West and launched him into the stratosphere of hip-hop. It turns out Desiigner credits God with how easily the entire thing came to him. "When I heard the track, it was like a movie started in my head. It's like, God put the words in me. The way it started, it's like I saw the movie in my head and just wrote. I didn't even think about it, I just blanked out. It was a zone I blanked to. And God was giving me the words."

The song went on to become No. 1 in the country, making Desiigner the first NYC rapper since Jay Z to top the Billboard Hot 100. In response to Pusha's question about representing Brooklyn, Desiigner says, "I'm just here to inspire," before adding that "there are plenty of others out there that don't get the coverage—I want to give them the coverage." 

Fans are currently waiting on Desiigner's debut album, which is being executive produced by Mike Dean. He promises is "going to be a whole lot of visuals. It's creativity on top of creativity. Merchandise, tours...It's going to be crazy. The Life of Desiigner, baby, that's the name of the album." It's hard not to believe the new project is going to be huge, especially with Pusha and 'Ye in his corner. You can read the pair's entire interview right here.