Out of everyone's opinions on the 2016 presidential debates, we all know that Plies' was the most coveted. Well ask and ye shall receive, rap fans. Plies took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and he didn't hold anything back.

The first thing he reveals is that he did not actually watch the debates. "You think I'm gonna sit and watch two motherfucking grown people lie to me for two motherfucking hours?" he asked. Nonetheless, Plies had some ideas about why Donald Trump comes across so angry all the time. "Cause he's motherfucking ugly, that's why he's so motherfucking mad," he cracks. "You would be motherfucking mad too if you was ugly. Every motherfucking body I know that's ugly is mad." 

Thankfully, Plies also spit some surprisingly real wisdom about what the candidates should have been addressing at the debate. "Debate why you don't wanna motherfucking pay these  school teachers no money," he said. "Women gotta work 40 motherfucking hours just to put one motherfucking kid through daycare. Debate that. Debate some real shit." He went on to decry his own legal issues and wonder why they weren't doing more to address issues that would help him.

The entire rant is pretty amazing, and Plies actually brings up some great points in-between yelling the word "motherfucking" every sentence. You can check out the entire epic video below.