Mary J. Blige is crossing paths with Hillary Clinton. In a preview of her Beats 1 Radio show The 411 released shortly after the first presidential debate, Blige sits down with Clinton for a song. The majority of the clip shows Blige singing a song about justice and civil rights to Clinton, with Clinton listening attentively. "It ain't no secret, my friend/You can get killed just for living in your American skin," she sings, covering Bruce Springsteen's song "American Skin (41 Shots)." At the end, Blige asks Clinton a simple, yet important question: "Where do we go from here?"

Another preview finds Blige asking more traditional, non-sung questions, although the clip again cuts off before we hear what Clinton has to say.

We'll have to wait to see Clinton's answer to the questions, but the preview alone is interesting. It's hard to predict exactly how Clinton will react to being serenaded by Blige during what is supposed to be a serious political interview. Then again, she showed her ability to handle some—ahem—interesting questions during her recent appearance on Zach Galifinakas' Between Two Ferns

The interview will serve as a special edition of The 411, and is set to air Sept. 30. Until then, you can check out the two previews of the Beats 1 Radio show above. You can also relive the highlights (and lowlights) of Monday night's presidential debate here.