Hillary Clinton likely inspired you to sign up for another improv class after her skillful appearance on Zach Galifianakis' Funny or Die series Between Two Ferns last week. Given that the "90 percent improvised" episode was overflowing with decidedly sick Trump burns, some have started floating the theory that an episode featuring the GOP nominee was imminent. During a recent shit-shooting session with the Los Angeles Times, however, Galifianakis revealed exactly why a Trump episode of Ferns is simply not in the cards.

"That doesn't interest me," Galifianakis said when asked if Donald Trump's people had reached out following the viral success of Clinton's episode. "Doing it the other way doesn't interest me. [Trump's] the kind of guy who likes attention—bad attention or good attention. So you're dealing with a psychosis there that's a little weird."

In fact, as Galifianakis astutely noted, riffing on Trump simply wouldn't be a fair fight from an intellectual standpoint. "I wouldn't have somebody on that's so mentally challenged," Galifianakis explained to the Times Saturday. "I feel like I'd be taking advantage of him. And you can print that."

"I'd say 90 percent of the questions we asked and the conversation that was had was totally improvised," Between Two Ferns co-creator Scott Aukerman told the Wall Street Journal Friday of the Clinton episode. "That's impressive to me because I didn't think that would happen." When pressed about a possible Trump episode, Aukerman also kept it very 100. "I just can't imagine a situation in which that could ever even occur," Aukerman said.