Ahead of the release of his new album on Friday, Mac Miller stopped by Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show and opened up about working with Kendrick Lamar for the first time in years. 

"We did a record in 2012 on this mixtape [Macadelic] I had. There was actually a time when Kendrick Lamar was opening for me on tour, but now this one feels like a real moment like we were in the studio together, like we created something," Mac told Zane about the pair's shared history. "All these artists have their own planets that they work on. You gotta create something new together for me. I don't want to go do a song with Kendrick and make a Kendrick song."

Fans are anxious to hear the new song, "God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty," and Zane asked him to describe what the collaboration between the two of them ended up sounding like. "It's such a feeling and a journey that's why I love that record. It goes so many places. It sounds like being in the ocean, relaxing, calm, floating and just like there and comfortable in your thoughts, and that's how the record ends, which is so awesome," he told Zane before adding on the new calming nature of his music. "I'm so used to the record ending in death. It's always these depressing declines which is like the demise of myself. This album actually ends with comfort."

The rapper also touched on his newfound sobriety and how being sober has positively impacted his life. "I love waking up in the morning now. That has been like a new thing for me. I used to wake up every morning super hungover. I'm actually completely 100% sober for the past few months...It has been life saving for me because I'm able to wake up with so much less regret, he revealed before admitting how important it is to his life. "I know what I'm doing. I go to sleep every night like I'm good, put that on the W column. I've never had a clear head completely. Never...Now being able to be the same human being every day while evolving but be present for my own life is incredible."

Listen to Mac Miller's interview with Zane Lowe below and look for The Divine Feminine to drop at midnight right here. You can also catch up more with Mac by checking out our recent sit down with the rapper, where he discussed his new high on life and reconnecting with Ariana Grande, who happened to just confirm they are dating while she stopped by Ellen.