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An iPhone lock screen is your window to someone’s personality. Some people change their lock screens frequently. Others keep theirs to the default setting. Whatever option you choose—personal photo, favorite artist, nature background, or whatever else comes to mind—your lock screen is a great way to express yourself.

On Wednesday, Twitter user @michaellbutlerr shared his choice for a really dope lock screen: Kanye West. The photo is pretty familiar to people who follow Yeezy. It was taken from his The Life of Pablo listening and Season 3 presentation at Madison Square Garden earlier this year. If you examine it closely, West’s arms are positioned just right so when @michaellbutlerr gets a text notification, it looks like ‘Ye is holding it up for him. Genius.

As Buzzfeed points out, Other Kanye fans caught on and changed their lock screens up as well.

@ASAPfliff switched it up with a lock screen of Kanye sleeping. Catch those Zs, bruh.

And for the miniscule amount of the world’s population who aren’t Team Yeezus, there’s also a Drake option. The photo is likely taken from his current Summer Sixteen Tour.

So, did this convince you yet? If so, download your new home screen here, and hit us with any other iPhone backgrounds in the comments below.