Frank Ocean's Blonde dropped in a cloud of mystery last August with no linear notes. Instead, there was only a blanket acknowledgement of everyone that had contributed to Ocean's newest album in the accompanying limited-edition Boys Don't Cry zine, leaving us guessing who had a hand in which track, but now we finally know more. 

ASCAP, the organization that protects members' musical copyrights and tracks royalties, has updated their database with songwriting credits for the majority of songs on the album. Los Angeles producer Om'Mas Keith, who collaborated with Ocean on his acclaimed Channel Orange, co-wrote all of the songs that have been listed online so far.

Rostam Batmanglij and Jamie xx are both credited with co-writing "Ivy." Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell co-wrote "Pink + White," which Tyler previously credited Pharrell with producing on Twitter. Tyler also is credited with helping to write "Skyline To" along with Kendrick Lamar. James Blake is listed under "White Ferrari" along with Paul McCartney and John Lennon for their sampled song, while all the Beatles get a credit on "Seigfried."

Check out the credits for the credits to a dozen out of of the album's 17 tracks below.

1. "Nikes": Frank Ocean, Om'Mas Keith, Carl Palmer, Harry Palmer, Jeff Palmer
2. "Ivy": Frank Ocean, Rostam Batmanglij, Om'Mas Keith, Jamie xx
3. "Pink + White:" Frank Ocean, Om'Mas Keith, Tyler, The Creator, Pharrell Williams
4. "Be Yourself:" Frank Ocean, Om'Mas Keith
5. "Solo": Frank Ocean, Mikey Alfred, Dave Allen, Hugo Burnham, Sage Elsesser, Om'Mas Keith, Jon King, 88-Keys, Todd Rundgren, Rho Spearman
​6. "Skyline To": Frank Ocean, Om'Mas Keith, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, the Creator
7. "Nights": Frank Ocean, Om'Mas Keith, Buddy Ross, Michael Uzowuru, Vegyn
​8. "Pretty Sweet": Frank Ocean, Om'Mas Keith
9. "White Ferrari": Frank Ocean, James Blake, Om'Mas Keith, John Lennon. Paul McCartney
10. "Seigfried": Frank Ocean, George Harrison, Om'Mas Keith, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Elliott Smith, Ringo Starr
11. "Godspeed": Frank Ocean, Kim Burrell, Om'Mas Keith, Elliott Smith
​12. "Futura Free": Frank Ocean, Mikey Alfred, Dave Allen, Hugo Burnham, Sage Elsesser, Andy Gill, Om'Mas Keith, Jon King