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Fetty Wap and his "Trap Queen" producer, Tony Fadd, are reportedly being sued by a Danish songwriter, Lazar Lakic, who claims the pair stole his beat without permission for Fetty's hit song.

According to TMZ, Lakic claims to have purchased the exclusive rights to the song's beat from producer Tony Fadd, which was then exactly sampled in "Trap Queen." Lakic says Fadd contacted him in January 2015 in an attempt to buy back the exclusive rights to the song, but Lakic turned his offer down. 

If you don't remember, "Trap Queen" arrived as Fetty's debut single in March 2014 before taking off as the monster hit it later became, launching Fetty's hip-hop career and holding a secure place on his self-titled debut album that dropped in September of 2015. "Trap Queen" went onto go quadruple platinum in the United States as of May 2016, but Lakic claims he never got a cut.

Lakic is suing both parties for profits from hit song. He reportedly even wants to destroy all copies of "Trap Queen" and stop all sales of the song with the beat in it.

The song has pretty much become synonymous with Fetty's name, so we can't imagine a world where the song exists without the already iconic beat.

TMZ already heard from Fetty's attorney, Navarro Gray, who said Fetty legally bought the beat from Fadd and has the paperwork to prove that the beat is rightfully his. We'll keep you posted as more details develop and revisit our piece with the Remy Boyz on how the song originally came together