Big Body Bes came onto the rap scene as Action Bronson's charismatic cousin several years ago and has since made a name for himself through guest appearances on some of Bronson's projects. Whether it's his rant at the end of  "72 Virgins" or seeing him critique gourmet food on Fuck, That's Delicious!, one can appreciate Body's way with words.

In the clip above, the block veteran gets on the mic to wax poetic about Pelle Pelle leathers, and his barber's cameo on an episode of Gangland. The beat is an original produced by DJ J Hart and the words are Body's own. The freestyle comes as part of the Off Top series done by vintage apparel shop Top Shelf Premium (check out more here). We also hopped on the phone with Bes to talk Malik Yoba, box cutters, and what inspires him. Check the interview below.

When was the first time you noticed the resemblance between yourself and the actor Malik Yoba?
Every time I'm in the Bronx I get harassed. They keep asking me when we're gonna do a New York Undercover reunion episode and I have to tell them: "Listen, that's not me." Me and Malik have the same barber, that's why.

Where can I get a bulletproof Pelle Pelle?
The bulletproof Pelle is custom, you gotta live that type of life. You gotta either have a felony, be at the Beacon, or be in the Island. The Pelle jacket itself is undamageable, it can't be tarnished because it's a piece of history. The Pelle leather represents success and it represents struggle. When you first start getting money and you're able to put on a leather jacket, it feels like an achievement; like you just won a medal.

Towards the end of the video you said you'd like to be stabbed only when you're wearing silk. Can you elaborate on that?
If anybody ever wants to harm me, just make sure I'm well-dressed when you do it. Do me the courtesy and make sure I have a shape-up first.

How many uses are there for the box cutter?
First of all, shouts out to the person that invented the box cutter. Secondly, I would say there about 1,336 ways to use a box cutter. Cutting steak, carving turkey, and handling disputes are some of my favorite uses for it. You see, the box cutter is a peacemaker once you hear that click.

That click basically means: Tate quieto. We might wanna hash things out.
[Laughs.] Ya tu sabes, loco. I be shaking your hand or might be gutting a Dutch. Either way, that box cutter right there brings life, it brings joy.

Should we expect more freestyles from you?
 I never tried to sell you a shirt, I never tried to sell you anything. I don't do features. I turned down more money than any upcoming artist has ever turned down and I put that on my life. I'm building up my foundation. The people know me, they're familiar with me, they done grown with me. So when I bring my project out, everyone knows what to expect.

What inspires Big Body Bes?
I would have to say the street. The ghetto inspires me, it's what made me.

What do you channel during your rants?
I channel the pain. But I also channel the glory. In one rant, I'm gonna give 15 different moods and emotions. Like I might say, "I'm over here on a Jet Ski, but I still got something sharp in my sock."