It looks like Rihanna might not have publicly curved Drake when he presented her with her Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night after all.

As of now, the entire world has the sad image of Drake going in to kiss the girl he has loved since he was 22 years old with her turning her head away from him and him getting the neck instead. Ouch.

It looks like all we needed was a few more views from Drake's perspective to see what really went down because a new video offers some proof that the pair did actually kiss up there.

In fact, a closer looks like their lips definitely met and that she didn't curve him at all. Many people on social media were quick to point out that the soft peck was probably due to Ri keeping her makeup in tact.

It's pretty clear these two absolutely adore each other. Further proof of their shared love actually came straight from Rihanna—or Rihanna's Snap story—immediately following the VMAs. The pair are holding onto each other and gather together to take some celebratory pictures with Ri's family who was in attendance.

Let's not forget, it was just last week that Drake was professing his love to Ri on a billboard that quickly became viral so RiRi is definitely already used to her guy's public displays of affection.

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