A fraternity at the University of Southern California isn't too pleased after it tried to book Tyga and ended up out $13,500. According to a report from TMZ, a member of Delta Tau Delta contacted someone whom he believed to be a representative for Tyga. The frat bro "booked" the rapper to perform at one of its parties for a fee of $13,500, but he never showed up. When they reached out to the guy they booked Tyga through, he never responded to them and disappeared without a trace.

Delta Tau Delta now has the Los Angeles Police Department involved, and have also reportedly hired a private investigator of their own. The LAPD is in the process of getting a search warrant to learn more details about the owner of the bank that DTD wired the money to. According to the report, the private investigator managed to track down the bogus promoter, and it turns out he's already facing another lawsuit for fleecing a different group of people out of money under similar circumstances. No arrests have been made yet, but if this guy is the scammer that it looks like he is, he could be in for a lot of trouble.

Moral of the story here is to always double check when it comes to celebrities. There are tons of people out there trying to make a quick buck by pretending to be affiliated with certain people, so always make sure that these promoters are legit. Otherwise you could end up out tons of money without a Tyga to show for it.