DJ Drama recently stopped by "The Breakfast Club" to chat with Charlemagne and company about a whole host of topics, including his upcoming album Quality Street Music 2. While his beef with DJ Envy is a thing of the past, he may have accidently started a whole new one when the topic turned to the Atlanta rap game. 

“I think dominantly, Atlanta has had one of the strongest runs in hip hop," Drama said. "I mean, what are we going on? 24, 25 years? Like for real, when can you name a moment in the last dub at least where Atlanta hasn’t been dominant?” 

Though Drama admitted the city has been responsible for some missteps along the way, "Ringtone rap is definitely Atlanta’s fault," he went on to countdown the success that the ATL has spawned. "If we take the OutKast’s, the Ludacris’s, the T.I.’s, the Jeezy’s, and the Gucci’s, and the Future’s, and the Chainz’s, and the Thug’s, you know, it’s in a good place.”

You may notice that Drama didn't include the influential Atlanta threesome Migos. You're not alone. Quavo himself heard that his group had been excluded and hopped on Twitter to ask Drama to explain his thinking. "How Dear You MENTION Atlanta Rap Culture And Not Mention Migos We Think That's Kinda Disrespectful MY UP NORTH BROTHA," he wrote.

He continued:

Screen grab of exchange between Quavo and DJ Drama on Twitter.
Image via Twitter

While seemingly unfazed on Twitter, Drama participated in a roundtable about Atlanta rap recently that's set to air tomorrow. Let's see if he gives Migos a nod then.