London-based house duo Dusky premiered the first single of their new album, Outer, last month entitled "Sort It Out Sharon", featuring grime godfather and all-round music legend Wiley. The track encompasses industrial beats and uplifting rave sections, with Wiley adding his trademark grime-patter over the top, and now, veteran grime producer Dread D provides his own take on it. Blending small elements of the original in with his own trademark sound, Dread D doses the track with extra layers of grit over the top of Dusky's spacious sonics, marrying up with Wiley's flow perfectly and creating something fitting amongst the current crop of energy-filled grime vocals.

Dread D jumped at the chance to work with both parties, and revealed to Complex his admiration for Dusky's experimental sound: "I've been a fan of Dusky's music since day one and we've been friends for years, so it's always great to get the opportunity to remix them. There are those few MCs that most grime producers dream of working with and, for me, Wiley's the top spot. The guy's a living legend and it was a lot of fun getting to work with his vocals. It's nice to hear Dusky pushing the boundaries with their sound and merging two genres in that way, so it was wicked getting to take that vocal and bring it to a real London grime flavour."

Stream Dread D's edit exclusively below.