It's a bold move to release a mixtape that essentially acts as an announcement for the release date for your next album. That's what Post Malone did a few months back when he dropped August 26 in May, a tape that was meant to serve as a primer for his next, official release Stoney. You know what's even bolder than that? Missing that release date completely. 

In a recent post to social media, Malone offered an apology to his fans who saw Aug. 26 come and go Friday with nary a new album to materialize. "Due to a couple of different issues my album couldn't be finished on the date that I promised," the "White Iverson" rapper wrote. "I'm disappointed in myself and my whole team...I couldn't deliver on my word. There's no excuse. I needed everything to be perfect for y'all and I fucked up somewhere along the way."

Even as heartfelt as the note seemed to be, Malone's fans were still more than a little peeved about the delay and were all too willing to express their frustration and bewilderment.

@eliudfragaaa @PostMalone omg I luh him fr 😭😭😭😭

— ••• (@ovonoura) August 28, 2016

@PostMalone just don't pull a Travis and keep pushing it back for 6 months lol

— Sabrina 🕊 (@sabrinainsea) August 28, 2016

@PostMalone the mixtape was 🚬🚬🔥🔥🔥🔥 too bad it got our hopes up 😴

— Miguel Rodriguez (@ro12Miguel) August 28, 2016

DROP STONEY !!! @PostMalone

— Ck (@CkBoostin) August 27, 2016

For now, the wait continues.