Majid Jordan come through Thursday with their video for "Small Talk," off their self-titled debut album released earlier this year.

The R&B track tells the story of a lovesick guy who is trying to get over his ex, so it only makes sense the visual kicks things off with Majid Al Maskati trying to distract Jordan Ullman from hitting up his former flame by meeting up with some new girls. Still, Jordan is hung up on his ex and spends the video on his phone or looking out from the passenger seat daydreaming about his previous relationship, even while a hot girl in the back is whispering in his ear. Seriously, this girl is beautiful but Jordan even refuses her come on when she corners.

Things take a surprising turn when the Jordan's (current) girl pulls out a gun on the resistant Jordan at the same time that he is finally able to catch his ex on the phone. The gun is only a water gun and new girl takes the opportunity to kiss Jordan, pulling him out of his lovesick spell once and for all.

The whole thing is shot through a fuzzy, '90s-inspired lens that pairs perfectly with the duo's signature old-school vibe, which you may remember was a huge part of their previously released video for "Make It Work." The OVO Sound duo more than deliver on their latest video, which you can watch above.