Lil Uzi Vert had another crazy encounter with his fans over the weekend, as he made his way towards the stage for his set at the Day N Night Festival.

Fans spotted Uzi during the festival and a few tried to get close to him, which quickly turned into a frantic scene, as a mob of people began to tackle the rapper to the ground. Pandemonium ensued as Uzi tried to make a quick run for it, but he ran into a guy and then was pulled down to the ground by another fan before he could get away. That's when the rest of the crowd quickly circled in, making Uzi invisible in a sea of people. Of course, one attendee caught the whole thing going down on her phone. According to Twitter reactions, the Philly native was still able to put on a successful set and later greeted fans while in his Ferrari.

This actually isn't the first time an unsuspecting Uzi has been bumrushed by fans at a concert. Earlier this month, the rapper was pretty much forced to climb a fence after overexcited fans began to surround him at the Hard Summer Festival. It was a pretty similar situation that started with Uzi trying to take some photos with fans before it quickly escalated into madness. Uzi must not have been too phased by the whole thing because he later posted a clip of the incident on Instagram while simultaneously promoting Pharrell's new shoe creation and his own new Perfect Luv Tape. 

Brah they was chasing Lil Uzi Vert at Day n Night lol. His whole set was turnt. He brought out Playboi Carti too.

— Him Again. (@ViSneakerBoy) August 14, 2016

I ran up on lil uzi vert at day n night in his red Ferrari and shook his hand and I think I'm ready to die now

— Sergio Garcia (@SergkeepitG) August 16, 2016