In a case that dates all the way back to November of 2014, a Cook County judge cleared Lil Durk of probation violation on Friday leading prosecutors to drop the charges against him altogether. During that time, police were looking to arrest a different man on first-degree murder charges and entered Durk's home where they discovered two .45-caliber handguns on the counter in the kitchen as the rapper walked down to the first floor from a room upstairs.

Judge Timothy Joyce ruled that prosecutors had indeed proved Lil Durk had knowledge that the guns were in an Chicago-area townhome that he was renting, but didn't meet the burden of proof that he had "possession and control" of the weapons. "I was kind of nervous," Durk admitted to the Chicago Tribune at the Court Building. "But I ain't ever nervous about the truth because I know God is on my side and I got a good lawyer."

In an Instagram post, Durk went out of his way to thank his lawyer Sam Adams Jr. 

In 2013, Durk plead out on a gun possession charge after police witnessed him tossing a loaded Glock handgun into a parked car while on parole for an even earlier weapons conviction. At that time, prosecutors recommended he receive at least a year in prison or a term of intensive probation, but the judge in that case ultimately sentenced him to 18 months of probation.