Chicago rapper Lil Durk has reportedly been arrested in Chicago for weapons violations. According to The Chicago Tribune, Durk vowed to never appear in front of a judge again a few months ago yet he was arrested by local officers earlier this morning. 

A woman let officers into the residence where Durk was staying, where they saw him standing near a kitchen island with the weapons in plain sight, and arrested him upon prior knowledge that he was a felon. According to the police report, Durk was quoted as saying "I got those pipes (guns) 'cause (expletive) always be tryin' to take my bands (money)," as a reason why he had the weapons. Police seized two handguns, but the Tribune reports that it isn't clear if they were loaded even though there was ammunition visible.

Durk's lawyer Sam Adam Jr. remains confident that his wasn't in possession of the weapons saying that "No gun was ever in the possession [of Durk]." Lil Durk is currently on probation from a prior weapons violation charge in August, where the judge urged him to be "part of the cure," by using his celebrity status to bring attention to anti-gang activity.

UPDATE: Durk was denied bail on Thursday and will remain in police custody while the case plays out, according to The Chicago Tribune.

[via The Chicago Tribune]