Joey Bada$$ Celebrates Life in the "Devastated" Video

Joey Bada$$ drops his new video for "Devastated."

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Joey Bada$$ has been making a major push for his new single "Devastated" recently. After dropping the track, he engineered a social media campaign to get fans to share their own #Devastated moments where they overcame adversity and turned negatives into positives.

That same attitude is on display in his new video for the track, which he dropped Wednesday. Joey pulls himself up off the ground as the video starts, and joins the crowd in the bleachers at a sports game. Soon they're partying and living it up all across town. They take it to the streets as Joey surveys the crowd from the top of a building before eventually crowd surfing through the mob. The video marks his directorial debut.

Joey actually premiered the video in a series of live appearances across NYC Tuesday. The crowds reportedly grew bigger at each stop until the police had to shut down his last appearance outside of Washington Square Park.

You can check out Joey Bada$$' "Devastated" video above.

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