Guys, is Drihanna actually happening?

The dream of everyone who decides to overly involve themselves in the lives of celebrities they've never met (which, let's be real, is all of us) looks like it might finally be coming true. According to Hollywood Life, Aubrih was spotted at Nobu, a fancy sushi restaurant in Tribeca Monday night, where they had an intimate dinner. Rihanna reportedly wore a "sexy white shirt dress," although that doesn't tell us much considering you could probably put "sexy" in front of anything Rihanna puts on. Examples: Rihanna wore a sexy burlap sack, Rihanna wore a sexy Barney the Dinosaur costume, Rihanna wore a sexy chastity belt. Moral of the story: she looked great in the photos. Drake, on the other hand, channeled his inner father in a varsity jacket and cargo pants.

Many will note that Drakanna (they can't all be winners) also spent all of Sunday night together at a VMA after party. All of this, of course, comes after Drake bought RiRi a billboard congratulating her on her Video Vanguard Award and then confessed his love to her while wearing a prom tuxedo on stage at the VMAs. Although some people thought that she curved him on stage, they've since continued to hang out, fueling speculation about their relationship status.

So is Rizzy finally happening? At this point we can only guess, but it's looking more promising than ever before. Years after "Take Care" and "What's My Name?," everybody's favorite not-actually-a-couple look like they might be ready to try things out for real. We're definitely here for it.