Britney Spears, in full-on promotion mode for her new album Glory, was the latest participant in James Corden's trademark Late Late Show bit, Carpool Karaoke. The skit, which aired early Friday morning, had the pop star and Corden driving around and singing her hits.

Or at least, Corden was singing. At times in the beginning of the segment, Spears appeared to be just mouthing the words (and sometimes not even doing that), a decision which is antithetical to the skit's whole setup, and which met with some critique on social media.

The banter also started out stiff, with Spears seeming puzzled when Corden asked her what "Oops!...I Did It Again" is about. "I don't know... I think it's just a song," she replied. She did open up a little as time went on though, admitting to the host that, although she wanted more children, she thought she was "done with men." "I might French kiss someone, but I'm not going to marry anyone," she explained. "I don't believe in marriage anymore."

The pair also discussed Spears' favorite aliases for hotels ("Anita Dick" was one Corden seemed to get a kick out of), the time she got "paddled" in first grade, and more.

Any lingering awkwardness was finally dispelled by the segment-ending version of "...Baby One More Time," which had Corden rocking a full-on early Britney outfit and Spears animatedly using a water bottle as a mic.

Carpool Karaoke baby one more time.

Britney's devoted fans were unsurprisingly overjoyed by her appearance. You can watch all of Britney Spears' Carpool Karaoke segment above. You can grab Britney's new album, Glory, including the previously released G-Eazy assisted "Make Me," out now on Apple Music or stream it below. You can also catch Britney performing at this year's VMAs on Sunday.