The Game debuted a new track Thursday, and he wastes no time in addressing the pressing political issues of the moment. "Where the body cams at when they killed Sandra Bland tho?/Where the justice system at when the cops go Rambo?/Black lives matter when we talking bout Phillando/But All Lives Matter when we talking about Orlando," Game begins before launching into a fierce indictment of police brutality against black people in America. The somber track name-checks victims like Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Alton Sterling, and more, demanding answers and justice for their untimely deaths.

Game premiered the track during an interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood. He's been heavily focused on reducing violence in inner-city communities, both from the police and from within. During the interview, the pair discussed some of his extensive charity and anti-violence work, including his movement Yo Mama, My Mama.

"It's another campaign I created into the backdoor of the problem with our youth. One thing I know about every gangster in the world, the ones in the pen and the young ones it the street is everybody love they mama," he said. Game went on to explain that the initiative to help each others mothers might make people think twice about committing violence. "When you about to murder somebody in the streets, maybe you might think... that mama don't wanna lose her son," he explained. "And your mama don't wanna lose her son. So one going to jail, one dying... These cats is out here and they gotta defend themselves. There's just a lot of cats lost, so I'm just figuring out different situations."

You can stream The Game and Jeremih's "Let Me Know" below via SoundCloud, or purchase it on iTunes here.

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