Boosie Badazz is claiming that the increased presence of gay characters on television is an attempt by the industry to force children to be gay in order to make more money. The outrageous statement was made by Boosie in a new interview with DJ Vlad after Vlad brought up a previous quote from Boosie about homosexuality.


"They tryna make everybody fucking gay," Boosie said. "They putting it on our culture. They’re putting it everywhere. Gay stuff is everywhere. I think that they’re just trying to do it to make a monetary gain. They’re not doing it for the gays. They’re not really fans of the gays. They’re doing it for monetary gain, man. They try to make money off these people, man."

It seems Boosie's main problem is the fact that there is gay content in cartoons, which he feels is aimed at influencing children. "You got cartoons that have gays. On Cartoons! These are kids. Let kids make their own decision if they wanna go that way. Six and seven year old, five year old shouldn’t be turned onto gay cartoon when their mind not even developed yet. What if they like how that cartoon talk? Now, you’re forcing them to be gay. Every TV show is gays. They’re kissing each other. It’s out of hand."

The question was in reference to Boosie's since-deleted Instagram post in which he vented about gay content on during his favorite shows. "I try to watch love n hip hop (gay shit) tried to watch empire (gay shit)," he wrote at the time before adding "I guess next they go have a fucking gay channel for kids saying if U want to be gay watch this tune n smh fucked up world n my eyes ( but everybody don’t agree smh)."

Still, Boosie was adamant that his views do not mean that he hates gay people. "I don’t hate gay people at all," he said. "I know plenty gay people. But don’t force it on ’em to be gay. Don’t do that. I just feel like that’s wrong. I came home and was like, 'What the fuck is going on?' I was like, 'What the fuck is going on?' It was out of hand, man."

But he also admitted that if he found out his son was gay, his first reaction was to "slap his ass back straight" before noting that he would find a way to deal with it and keep his son in his life.

Boosie's comments are shocking, but the interview also brings an important question to light: how homophobic is hip-hop in 2016? Watch the explosive interview above, and read what we had to say about hip-hop and homophobia here.