There were a few other candidates for best rap verse of the month. Jadakiss stole the show at the end of the album version of ScHoolboy Q's "Groovy Tony," Jaden Smith (yes, Jaden Smith) had no business going off the way he did on "Labor V2," Big Sean and Kendrick went toe-to-toe on "Holy Key," and Roc Marciano came through with some pimp tales of his own. But then, like thieves in the night, DJ Khaled and Nas surprised everybody during the last few days of July with "Nas Album Done" to put Esco ahead of the pack.

Both of Nasty's verses were what one would expect from one of the greatest to ever do it; the first one, however, isn't fair. He subbed Donald Trump and spoke on the recent trend of Pablo Escobar references and babies on album covers. He made a bunch of brand plugs he's involved with and also touched on the advancement of his people. So many topics talked about in this verse before he puts his new album out. Since Nas was able to pull that off without compromising his cadence, we had to give him Best Rap Verse of the Month.

A divine leader
Shine brighter, bonita mami meet a line sniffer
"Never, poetic rhyme writer, chiefer
Ebony empress getter
Celebrity Apprentice a devil show
Big up to Africa, Mexico
Hennessy, margarita, venison eater
So dear spread 'em here, don't be actin' innocent either
Dome me, relax me, it's only to the nasty
I'm just a phony assassin
A lot of niggas owe me, I'mma tax 'em
A lot of sisters hold me to somethin' holy and Catholic
Cause the rosary and gold flashin'
Just an attachment and accessory to my dress code
Now everywhere all I see is Pablo, Esco
Last time I checked I was still breathin'
My neck was still freezin'
Now everybody got an Escobar Season
To every baby on the album cover existin'
This trend I was settin' it came to fruition
I'm assistin' to push the culture forward
To all my go supporters, go support us
Like a local black-owned grocery store
Cause in the hood shit ain't passed down through blood
It's a dub on that, we get government aid
Spend it at they stores, puttin' they kids through college
We need balance, so we can lease and own deeds in our projects
So I'm askin' Gs to go in their pockets
The racial economic inequality, let's try to solve it"

Will Nas ever lose his flow? Also, is Escobar going to make his long-awaited return? Never, and we pray to the rap mafioso gods he decides to name the new album Escobar Season. Because a cocky Nas is my favorite Nas. He needs to start dressing like Sam Rothstein again and bring the Firm back together for one last run. Escobar and Jigga are the last dons. Kiss the rings.