On the eve of the release of his long-awaited album The Reformation, West Coast rap legend Bishop Lamont gives us his take on the state of the union with his brand-new song "Un-American," which he put out on Wednesday. 

The tune, produced by Paul Cabbin and featuring Ryu and Apathy of the Demigodz, takes aim at issues as varied as police misconduct, governmental ties to ISIS, and the treatment of Palestinians. Lamont doesn't mince any words in the song, portraying Uncle Sam as "a drunk, racist pedophile." It even ends with the rapper giving a speech that criticizes all three of the major Presidential candidates. "Ain't no one person you vote for gonna change our nation," Lamont insists.

Complex caught up with Bishop Lamont and asked him what inspired the song.

"I made 'UnAmerican' because I feel like this whole election thing is rigged," he explained. "Politics are bulls**t, and the labels of Republican, Democrat, independent, etc, only help to divide us more from each other. We are all humans, facing mortality, cancer, diabetes, and everyday challenges just to exist, on a planet that continues to grow sicker and sicker from the abuse we are inflicting upon it. No one person we elect can change our lives, or our world. We all have to take responsibility, and do our part to change the world.”

The Reformation, which has been in the works since 2009, is coming this summer, according to Lamont's Soundcloud. The album's previous single, "Bruce Lee Music," was released in 2014.