Sampled by Flo Rida and remixed by Skream, electronic duo Infinity Ink aren't short of fans in high places. Although pleased their eponymous hit struck such a chord with so many, they steadfastly refused to let it go to their heads. Instead, they've been plugging away with their own tunes. The first fruit of this labour is new single "How Do I Love You" (due June 4), recorded first in Ibiza before being finished in London. With vocals from UK singer-songwriter Yasmin, the song sees the two producers update the classic NY sound by way of a bass-oriented tribute to Queen Latifah's golden "How Do I Love Thee". The original version of "How Do I Love You" is accompanied by two remixes from Detroit legend and NDATL Records boss, Kai Alcé, and a more club-ready mix from Luca Cazal and SLF.