While everyone was more concerned with Mad Decent head Diplo calling Flo Rida a "fuckboi" for ripping off the "Butter's Theme" video, the one thing that we realized was that Flo Rida sampled Infinity Ink's "Infinity" for the new single, "Can't Believe It." It looks like a grip of Infinity Ink's fans were not too happy with them for, as one fan put it, "killing" their "best song" by allowing Flo Rida to sample it, so they took to Facebook to explain why they went ahead and allowed the sample to get cleared:

Bit of controversy. Yes, that's our bassline on Flo Rida's new single. To anyone upset about it been sampled then we apologise. Given the choice between Flo Rida using our original bassline or Flo Rida making an almost exact copy of it, we gave permission for it to be sampled. There are countless versions of 'Infinity' on the internet. From EDM, dubstep and deep house mixes to chipmunk versions and even acoustic covers, we've kept them all up there. 'Infinity' has found a life of its own and we're touched by everyone's love of the original..

Can't really hate them for that. It's one thing to be Mat Zo and Arty and (allegedly) shutdown will.i.am in defiance of a song they don't believe in, but hell, why not let them sample it? We always talk about "starving" artists - this is Infinity Ink getting paid! If you don't like Flo Rida's single, you can just as easily not listen to it. Let those guys get cake.