Katy Perry’s Twitter feed is leading to believe one of two things: She’s either losing her damn mind, or her account was just hacked. We’re going with the latter. 

At around 8:30 EST Monday, the 31-year-old singer’s Twitter page began to display some bizarre messages, which quickly got the attention of her 89 million-plus followers. The posts ranged from phrases like "shoutout l and r breh" to "otf gang nigga!" to a fist bump emoji.

The, uh, mastermind behind the hack likely outted himself with the message that read “haha follow @sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack.” Once you go to the @sw4ylol page, you see there are only a handful of tweets, one of which says "Who TF is Katy Perry" and another that features a link to a SoundCloud with the caption "Katy Perry witness (fresh leak)."

Perry has since deleted the hacker’s tweets.