It's no secret Atlanta is at the center of hip-hop in 2016, so it comes as no surprise that yet another song from the city is starting to blow up across the country. The latest track to take off from Atlanta appears to be Dae Dae's catchy tune, "What U Mean," which is actually a song that was originally released back in 2015. In recent months, the song has picked up traction and led Dae Dae to a deal with 300 and an opening slot on Young Thug's ongoing tour with Lil Yachty and Rich the Kid.

According to 300, the song has had a crazy natural progression over the past few months, and was the top Shazamed song over the past few months in Atlanta. People obviously mess with the music, and for good reason. It's infectious, but carries a heavy subject matter as Dae Dae spits about supporting his friends and family as he navigates through the street life.

And while the track is blowing up on its own, a viral video of what appears to be an Uber driver dancing to it is about to take it to the next level. The video, which was posted by a random Twitter user who claimed her Uber driver pulled over and started dancing randomly, currently has over 49,000 retweets and 61,000 likes. The clip is spreading like wildfire, and while it's hilarious, the real winner here is Dae Dae, with everyone wondering what the banger is that the kid is dancing too. "I love the video- the energy is great! And he really connected with the lyrics through his dance I fuk wit it," Dae Dae told Complex. 

Well, that would be "What U Mean," and it's about to be the next problem out of Atlanta. You can stream and download his new 4 Reasons mixtape below.