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Wiz Khalifa keeps the promotional train for Khalifa going today as the rapper shares the visuals for "Elevated." The record is anchored by a motivational hook that features lines like, "Scared money don’t make money, so what you scared for?/And real people do real things, so what you here for?" The first half of the video takes a more laidback approach, with Wiz chilling in a luxe room before hitting the road to meet up with his Taylor Gang crew for a family dinner. The video also features some footage of Wiz throughout the years, which really drives home how far the Pittsburgh native has come since getting into the rap game.

Check out the David Camarena-directed video for "Elevated" above and grab Khalifa on iTunes. Later this year, Wiz will embark on a joint tour with Snoop Dogg—no pun intended—with the 33-date trek beginning in July. For more info on the "High Road" summer tour, click here.