For a time, it was interesting to know that What So Not was a project that allowed Flume to step outside of his lane and really let loose. At the time, the Australian duo of Emoh Instead and Flume made a huge impact, with bits like "Jaguar" and "Tell Me" (alongside RL Grime) setting festivals ablaze. In early 2015, Flume announced that he was leaving the group to work on his solo bits, but that hasn't stopped Emoh at all; his new single, "Lone," is the first original What So Not release sans-Flume, but fear not: Emoh's got this.

Linking with Dutch producer GANZ and the beautiful vox of JOY., "Lone" is an early spring anthem of the highest caliber. It blends a massive, crowd-pleasing drop with a more sultry, pop-y vocal that is downright inescapable. It makes perfect sense that Skrillex's OWSLA imprint would gravitate to this; the sound is tailor-made for the forward-thinking imprint.

"It's beautiful to see an idea struck from a chance meeting flourish into the record we have today," Emoh told Complex via email. GANZ added, "We started this track of ours in Amsterdam over a year ago, so stoked and proud to finally share it with the rest of the world." You can grab "Lone" on April 8 and stream the track in full up above.