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Raphaelle has spent the last few months teasing the release of her new project by sharing a handful of records, and today the 20-year-old NYC-based singer finally delivers her Postmodern EP. The seven-song project builds upon her previously released tracks "Simple Things," "No More Pillow Talk," and "I Was Insane" by showcasing her wonderful vocals and intimate lyricism. 

"Music is a beautiful thing because it is a universal language that connects with everyone. No exclusions," Raphaelle told Complex via email. "We are all human and gravitate to honesty and that is what Postmodern is about. The whole songwriting process was and is therapeutic for me; each song is a personal story. By the time I finish a record I feel free. Like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I make music so I can function everyday."

Through those musical therapy sessions Raphaelle has tapped into a very sincere and relatable view on life and everything that falls in between, whether that be love, heartbreak, or personal struggles that she's experienced. "I created Postmodern in hopes to inspire whoever came across it that you have the power to be a strong and confident individual no matter what you're going through," she added. 

Stream Raphaelle's Postmodern EP below and keep up with the singer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Her EP launch event will take place at the The Cutting Room next Tuesday (April 19) in NYC.