Raphaelle brings her soulful vocals to the studio in the video for "Simple Things." The NYC singer by way of Texas has been building up her musical rep over the last few years. That's fully displayed here as Raphaelle visits the studio and jams with fellow musicians for a special performance of her latest record.

The concept behind the song offers a refreshing take, and it's one listeners can appreciate in 2016. "Our generation is consumed by a virtual world," Raphaelle told us over email. "We have lost touch with reality and what it truly means to enjoy the simple things."

Check out Raphaelle's cheery visual for "Simple Things" above, and be on the lookout for her Postmodern EP, which comes next month. If you haven't already, watch her video for "No More Pillow Talk" here. You can keep up with the singer by visiting her official website and following her on Twitter.