On the very first episode of the Samsung Level Music Lab series, our boys Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers were kicking it at the University of Kansas with one very lucky student and aspiring musician named Andy—who they had surprised by showing up unannounced while he was working in the studio. The three of them chatted a bit about the biz and breaking in, and The Chainsmokers duo was even kind enough to give Andy a few producing tips on the track he was working on.

Well, Samsung felt the bond the trio formed was so cool that they decided to reunite them all, this time far from the heartland of Kansas. In the newest installment of the series, which you can watch above, The Chainsmokers once again surprise Andy, this time with a phone call inviting him to join them in L.A. while they’re shooting the video for their new track “Don’t Let Me Down.” Andy declines, hangs up, the end.

(Just kidding.)

Andy’s no idiot, so he got himself on a plane right quick to head west and hook up with his heroes once again, this time in the City of Angels. He is a pretty bold dude, to be honest—after all, you’d have to be in order to bail on your Pre-Med major and focus on your dreams of making music. And Andy plans to make the most out of his visit by playing a brand new track he’s been slaving over in the hopes of impressing Alex and Drew.

But first, it’s time for Andy to head up into the Hollywood Hills and on-set for the Chainsmokers’ newest video shoot. There, the series’ first mentored pairing enjoys a reunion that’s worthy of Hollywood itself.

You can check out the newest episode of the Samsung Level Music Lab in the video above, and follow along with the series on the Samsung Live YouTube page