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In the build up to the release of Dead Ceremony's Tell Me Lies EP (Apr. 15), the band are sharing it with us exclusivity to give you plenty of time to take it in before the EP launch tonight in London. "There's a change in the air," croons Christopher Stewart soulfully over a bright synth-pop beat on the title track, before the minor keys kick in and the eponymous refrain gets ever more potent. Elsewhere, on "Magic", the paces builds a little and the band stirs a brisker house beat that builds to a punchy climax at the end.

Overall, despite the colour and the crisp beats, this is definitely a melancholic EP. As the band explained to us via email: "Tell Me Lies is our take on love, hope, loss and fear. It pulls together our pop, electronic and soul influences; with the aim of offering something new to the electronic-pop genre. The opening song is about wanting to be kept hidden from the reality around us. It sets the tone for the rest of the EP, and this tension between belief and reality runs throughout each track."

You can catch Dead Ceremony at the EP launch at The Old Blue Last in London tonight.