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In the two-and-a-half years since the release of Danny Brown's fantastic album Old, we really haven't heard much from the Detroit rapper. He's popped up on a handful of features, but aside from that, it's been mostly quiet from his camp. And while we're still waiting for any news about that next album (seriously Danny, please hit us with a timeframe or something), his Twitter activity tonight has us hoping that if nothing else, maybe airport rage can coax some new music out of him.

In a hilarious series of tweets, Brown went after Delta Air Lines for stranding him in Los Angeles with repeated flight delays. When the unsuspecting representative running Delta's Twitter account tried to thank him for his patience, Brown even threatened to release a diss track aimed at the air line. He's obviously joking around, but with the way airport experiences are trending these days, he would certainly have a lot of material to draw from if he did decide to write one.

While you wait for news about his next album, you can check out Brown and Delta's comical Twitter spat below.