Alan Walker has been riding high off "Faded," which has found major chart success worldwide. The 18-year-old Norwegian producer is now starting to make noise stateside with his Iselin Solheim-assisted single, with "Faded" cracking the Billboard Hot 100 and showing no signs of slowing down.

Today, this stellar cut receives a boost from Los Angeles-based artist Luke Christopher, who delivers two passionate verses over the pulse-pounding synth backdrop. Luke's sincerity matches the vibe of the record as his emotions take control of the moment. "Would you tell me it's a little too late?/'Cause if it is I'd be happy to fade/Should have picked a better time and a place," he sings to that special someone in his life.

"It was dope to collab on this track and bring a hip-hop element to a world dance track," Luke told Complex via email. "I love combining two different worlds of music because it always makes something new and fresh."

Bump Alan's latest version of "Faded" below and stay tuned for his full Faded Remixes EP to drop tomorrow (April 29).

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