Lil Wayne has had some interesting runs with advertising lately. It's been a few weeks and we're still scratching our heads when we think about his Super Bowl 50 spot featuring George Washington. And remember those Mountain Dew commercials a few years back? All that being said, Tunechi has been tabbed by Samsung to be their de facto spokesman for the company's latest phone, the Galaxy S7 and the ads are hilarious.

Up above, you can catch Weezy delivering a baby elephant while parked on a couch next to Wesley Snipes. In the spot below check out Wayne as he drinks tea, fights robots in outer space, canoes with Wesley Snipes, and surfs in Thailand. 

In this one he drops a whole bottle of champagne on his phone and drops it in a fish tank to demonstrate its water proof ability. His friend with the competition's model is not so fortunate.