The Game obviously had himself a good time at the club last night, but things took a strange turn when he jumped on Instagram with a strange post where he shouted out 50 Cent's Effen vodka early this morning. The post was not only odd because of 50 and Game's turbulent history, but because he also ranted about listening to Rihanna's hit "Work" in the club and how he needs a feature verse from Jay Z in the future.

While Game did say that he ran through 40 bottles of Ciroc before he switched to Effen, he admitted that 50's signature vodka was actually amazing. It's really a shame that 50 recently left Instagram because he would probably have a field day with Game's post, which has since been deleted. Or maybe this would be another step in a G-Unit reunion, which was brought up last month when Game reunited with Lloyd Banks after almost a decade. 

As previously stated, Game shifted the direction of his post from praise of 50's vodka to pleading with Jay Z to give him a feature because he's matured throughout his career. If you recall, Game has dissed Hov plenty of times throughout his career and Jay even responded in an interview with XXL back in 2009. The funniest part of Game's post might be when he said that he beat Odell Beckham Jr. in a dance battle at the club after Chris Brown coached him up. You can check out the bizarre post below.