As 50 Cent goes through the proceedings of his bankruptcy trial, the rapper has decided to leave Instagram, at least for a while. 50 announced last night his plan to leave his favorite social media platform, and it comes just days after he admitted in court that he's posed with fake money on his account. The legendary rapper was called into court this week because a judge wanted him to explain all of the money he posts on his page, despite his ongoing financial troubles.

Because of all this, 50 is now leaving Instagram, and he said that someone else will run the page for him going forward. Interestingly enough, 50 revealed in a different post before his announcement that he had a secret service agent ask him if the fake money he was posting was counterfeit, which could lead to a whole other mess for 50. This is a major loss for the hip-hop Instagram community, as 50 was one of the funniest rappers on the network and someone who was never afraid to throw shots when necessary. We'll continue to update on the status of 50's bankruptcy case as it progresses.