While the whole Quentin Miller, Drake, and Meek Mill situation has died down as of late, Miller recently did an interview with DJ Vlad where he claimed that Meek and his crew beat him up at a Nike store in Los Angeles. In the interview, Miller initially watched a clip of Taxstone talking about the incident and then confirmed that it did indeed happen, though he wouldn't go into details about why it went down. "This was my first time really talking with Meek and basically he told me that he didn't appreciate the letter that I dropped and it made it seem like he was a liar," Quentin said. "And they fucking stole off on me in the Nike store and ran. I shed blood in the Nike store."


The letter that Quentin mentioned was the one where he wrote that he was not or ever a ghostwriter for Drake, which came out shortly after Meek made the initial claims. Interestingly enough, in Taxstone's interview, he said that Meek and his crew were mad at Quentin for not writing for them, but he wouldn't go into details about it. Quentin said that none of the injuries caused him to go to the hospital, but that he was just bleeding from the lip. Meek, who doesn't really tweet anymore, may have responded with the Instagram below. We've reached out to reps for Meek for a comment on this and will continue to update as more details come out. 



A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on Mar 25, 2016 at 1:02pm PDT