With the upcoming Presidential election taking over a lot of the discussions in pop culture circlesLarry Wilmore and The Nightly Show staff decided to get 2 Chainz in on the fun. Basically, Wilmore brought Chainz on to explain to the crowd what a "Brokered Convention" is, and if you don't know, it's actually very informative. A "Brokered Convention" is what would happen if none of the Republican nominees gets the number of delegates needed in the primaries, which is a pretty boring thing, but with 2 Chainz explaining it, it's actually really hilarious. With the election not until November, there's still plenty of time to get 2 Chainz a full-time political job that would at least add some excitement to the cycle. As for 2 Chainz's non-political TV career, you can purchase his Collegrove project with Lil Wayne on iTunes here