When singer Jacquees tweeted a declaration of his confidence and said that his idol, Chris Brown, was the only person exempt from his quest to dominate the music scene, Tory Lanez came back with a subtle response. Tory's short, two emoji message sparked a seige of tweets from Jacquees, from calling him a "peasant" to insulting Tory's vocal abilities.

It sounds like Jacquees may be a little upset after he claims that Tory ignored him at the Revolt TV studios. He tweeted, "Yo watermelon head ass tried to act like you ain't know me at Revolt now you tweet watching! Just follow me bro @torylanez." Throughout the series, Jacquees retweeted his supporters and those who favor him over the Toronto rapper.

Near the end of the rant, Jacquees clarifies, "I don't wanna beef! I just wanna be the best!" Tory stayed silent throughout the monologue, and it's not clear yet if he's even aware of what's gone down. Maybe he's choosing not to respond, or maybe he put his phone down and went to go live in the real world for a little while (do people do that, still?). But you know we'll keep you updated if he chooses to voice his thoughts on the matter. You can check out the tweet series below.