Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West's recent squabble over the previous title for Kanye's album turned into positive momentum for Max B. Not only it bring his name back into the spotlight as a key influencer in rap and earn him more fans in the process, but it also landed him a spot on The Life of Pablo

Given Wiz Khalifa's loyal support, it was only a matter of time before we got to hear the Pittsburgh rapper and Wavy Crockett on the same track. That time comes today with "Silver Surfer," which serves as an upgrade to a previous version that was released a few weeks back. Wiz kicks off the track by delivering his signature flow over Dame Grease's smooth backdrop, and he comes correct with rhymes about getting lifted and stunting on the competition. "They ain't on the shit that we be on/We ain't rolling up and smoking unless the weed is strong/Shorty sucking it like she in porn," he raps before Max B shows up on the hook. Alpac and Joe Young finish out the track strong with solid verses of their own.

"The story behind this track is crazy," Dame Grease told us via email. "I had been working with Joe Young out of Germany, and he had an unreleased song with Max B from before Max got locked up. When the controversy over Kanye considering naming his album WAVES and the dispute between Wiz Khalifa and Kanye happened, I spoke to Joe and said the time was right to let the world hear Max again."

"I got the Max vocals and produced a new beat, and we released that version of 'Silver Surfer' with just Joe Young and Max," he continued. "A few days after we announced the song and put it out, Kanye updated his album's tracklist to have a 'Silver Surfer' interlude. Alpac from Max B's Gain Greene team had the track and he was going to get on the remix, so he reached out and got Wiz Khalifa on it as well. It was a team effort and the end result is that classic wave."

Bump "Silver Surfer" below. Dame Grease and Joe Young are currently at work on a collaborative EP called Block Is Vacant, which is due out soon. A project from Max's Gain Greene crew is also forthcoming. Max B is currently serving a 75-year sentence for armed robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and murder, though he maintains his innocence. You can show your support for the rapper by visiting his official website.