With Kanye West's new album set to drop in exactly one week, he recently decided to call into his friend Big Boy's radio show and discuss some pressing issues. During the conversation, which Big Boy is airing throughout the day, Kanye talked about the conversation he had with Wiz Khalifa to clear up their issues, the new album, and much more. Kanye started on the topic of his album, and confirmed that it doesn't have a title right now and that he had Kim Kardashian put up a poll to see what it should be. He also said that it really is kind of a gospel album, but just with a whole bunch of cursing throughout. While the album is currently untitled, you can now pre-order it via Kanye's official website right here

On "No More Parties In LA," Kanye said that TDE actually came over to the studio after Kendrick Lamar approved the song and they were able to all kick it. As far as Wiz, Kanye said that Malik Yusef helped them get on the phone, and that it all started because he thought Kim was disrespected by Wiz's "KK" tweet. "I just saw my wife's initials and reacted," he said. He confirmed that everything is all good now, and that the Kim and Amber Rose selfie was indeed real and taken at Kris Jenner's house. 

Of course, Big Boy also had to ask Kanye about whether or not Drake really did have a bigger pool than him, as he rapped on his new song, "Summer Sixteen." "I have three pools, that's it," Kanye said. So, that's settled then. Check out the full interview below. Kanye also announced he sold out his Madison Square Garden event in 10 minutes, which has to set some sort of record.