As Bobby Shmurda waits for his new trial in May, the Brooklyn MC recently called Revolt from jail to talk about his current legal situation, how he's holding up, and much more. An interesting tidbit from the interview was that Shmurda revealed he's been spending a lot of time in the law library in jail to learn more about his own case and his rights. "They violating my constitutional rights, my civil rights, everything. I’m not even supposed to be in Manhattan right now, I want everybody to know that," Shmurda said. "All of this is claims. I got a narcotics D.A. and there’s no drugs caught in this case. There’s no drugs, no kingpin charges, nothing."

Alex Spiro, Shmurda's lawyer, recently said in court they feel that the police targeted him in this case, a sentiment the rapper agreed with here. "It doesn’t make no sense. All of these alleged crimes, they saying that we murdered people and reckless endangerment, they have no evidence," Shmurda said. "They have nothing. They put us together because these people were in my video. They don’t have nothing on us." During a recent appearance in court, Spiro requested all of the case files and background information on the cops involved in Shmurda's arrest and trial be turned over to his team. You can read Shmurda's full interview with Revolt here