Neil DeGrasse Tyson showed up on The Nightly Show last night and dismantled B.o.B and his relentless effort to prove that the earth is flat once and for all. Responding to host Larry Wilmore's “Science Emergency Defense Program” distress call, Tyson hilarious walked in with a sandwich to set the record straight.

He dropped a series of truth bombs on the rapper backed by years of scientific study, calculus, and Non-Euclidean geometry. B.o.B has continually made the argument that even in pictures far above the earth, the horizon is flat. Tyson revealed that the fundamental fact he is missing is due to our size as humans, we must be much farther away from such a large object to observe curvature. As he put it, "Small sections of large curved surfaces will always look flat to little creatures that crawl upon it." Tyson then put gravity to good use with the most epic mic drop of all time. Watch the whole thing above.