Kendrick Lamar's impact runs deeper than rap, and that's evident in a new video clip the rapper has shared titled Project Hero that features fellow TDE member Jay Rock and West Coast veteran Glasses Malone. Rock and Malone converse about their shared vision of bringing their communities together for the sake of safety and well being. Jay Rock summarizes their beliefs by saying, "At the end of the day, we're all pushing one thing, and that's unity."

Along those lines, they praise Kendrick for doing his part through music as well as his actions outside of the booth. "I remember him rapping, but he was saying some shit that nobody 18 was really saying at the time," explains Malone.

"Fearless, that's how I can describe my little brother," Jay adds. "With all the things that's going on in our society today with our sisters and brothers being killed, Kendrick Lamar, he has stood up for peace and love in our community."

The video also contains shots of Kendrick's Reebok sneaker, which is meant to symbolize unity and harmony. The sneakers will come out on Jan. 16, which is about a month before Kendrick will be awarded the key to the city of Compton on Feb. 13.