Irv Gotti took to Instagram tonight and expressed his dissatisfaction with the new VH1 original movie The Breaks. The film, which is set in New York City in the summer of 1990, portrays hip-hop right before its breakthrough to the mainstream. Gotti seemingly took issue with the way it depicted Queens, his home borough. "I'm watching this watered down bullshit which is pissing me off cause they are not portraying Hip Hop Culture accurately!!" he wrote. "But they still making my Borough look soft. Let me tell y'all something. I'm from that Purple Part in the pic I posted. And listen. Ain't nothing weak or soft about QB."

He added, "QB has produced more superstar Rappers in hip hop than any other borough or place in the world for that matter. Shit looks like someone who doesn't know shit about our culture made this shit." Read his full post below.