2015 was the year of grime, the year of the MC, and while its focal point will always be a man and his mic, it's high time a light was shone on other members of the fold. This time: the grime DJ, because a scene without them would be null-and-void.

Slimzee, Sir Spyro and Spooky are some of the greatest to touch down (and there's no shortage of top-boy DJs), but there's now a new class of skilled spinners in the wings that each want their time to show and prove. These newbies are pushing out some of the tightest mixes on road today, along with a passion that will soon see them on line-ups next to grime's greats. And what's more is that there's a variety of styles to choose from: some prefer vocal led, some icy instrumentals, while others opt for newer gems instead of golden classics.

Meet the new kids in session after the jump.